Friday, May 25, 2012

Welcome Back to 1965!

I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but I ADORE "Mad Men".  How could I not?  It has everything an Ephemeraologist could ask for!  I think that if I weren't doing my dream job currently, my other dream job would be the prop mistress for the show.  I think I'd be really good at it, too.  :D

Some of my friends and I commiserate about the show.  My friend Julie Wild, who for the third day in a row has proved that people named "Julie" are the most benevolent people on the planet! -  saved this for me and I am eternally grateful:

I had heard that Newsweek was attempting this flashback issue but really wanted to get their advertisers on board to use vintage ads from their respective companies.  The plan worked!  Not only is the cover spectacular, but check out this old Dunkin' Donuts ad:

FABULOUS!  Other companies didn't haul out the oldies, but designed new ads to look old, like this Mercedes one here:

It had me totally fooled until I saw the Web site address - I didn't even notice the 2013 date at the top!  :D

This BOAC ad has a little bit of a history lesson attached, and we're all the better for it.  What a FABULOUS ad!  I'm willing to bet that those of you reading who are around my age (43) first heard of this airline because of the Beatles - in their song "Back in the USSR", the first line is, "Flew in from Miami Beach, BOAC, didn't get to bed last night...."  At least, that's how I knew about it.  :D  As you can see, they inform us that BOAC was a direct predecessor to British Airways.  I don't think I knew that!

Not only are the ads vintage, but Newsweek takes it a bit further - there are fun price comparisons, an article on the politician George Romney (Mitt's dad - didn't know about him, either!), a "Where are they Now" with the "Daisy Girl" from President Johnson's nuclear war ad - the first attack ad ever run.  She was 2 back in 1964; she's 50 now (egads, that's just WRONG.  How can 1964 be that long ago?).  Eleanor Clift, who went on to become a Washington correspondent for Newsweek, interviews the Mad Men cast and discusses how she began almost exactly the same way that Peggy Olsen began - as a secretary at the magazine.  In this post-feminist landscape, it's easy to forget that "we've come a long way, baby!"

Because this "old" magazine is so near to my own age, it's even more fascinating.  Who among us hasn't wondered what life was like when they were brought into the world?  Call me narcissistic, but it also helps to orient myself to the world around me.  If I can get an idea of the cultural zeitgeist of the time, it helps me to understand where people are coming from and why they feel the way they do.

I hope someone does a "Welcome Back to 2012" issue in 47 years.  I'll be 90 then, so I hope I'm around to see it.  :D


  1. As usual, thanks for the memories, Mel.

    1. Annie, I'm so glad you enjoyed this post! It's fun to "remember when" (even for those of us who weren't there). :D

  2. I've always wanted a magazine (and a TV network) to do this. Cool!

    1. I agree! I wonder if any other publications will follow suit? :D