Thursday, May 3, 2012

Right on, Target!

First Target logo, 1962
I just heard yesterday that May 1 was Target's 50th anniversary!  WOW!  I wasn't aware of Target until the 80s, when we visited my relatives in Cedar Rapids, IA - they had one, and my uncle Gordon called it "Targe' Boutique".  I thought that was hilarious, and, like one of those old relatives who tell the same joke over and over, I still call it that and I still think it's a hoot, 30 years later.  :D

I was thrilled to discover that Fond du Lac had a Target when we moved here in 1996, because Green Bay at that point did not (it seems Green Bay is the last place to get everything!).  Their design team is unmatched, and they're so innovative when it comes to trends.  It's my go-to place for all of my non-food purchases, like cleaning supplies and appliances.

They are also VERY generous when it comes to freebies, as I found out a couple of days ago!

I LOVE getting free stuff in the mail (shocking, I know!).  I sign up for samples all the time!  Because I'm home during the day, I've been able to snap up some great ones - like this FULL cosmetic bag from Target Beauty!

Now, you might say that this really doesn't count as "ephemeral".  Au contraire!  Samples are indeed ephemeral, as most are only supposed to last one application or at the very most, a week (I stretch mine further than that!).  But check out my haul!  Nice samples of shampoo, body lotion, facial cleanser, facial wipes, plus a few extra small things, all in this very nice make-up bag - and this lovely coupon book, which I will be leaving intact and placing in the Perpetual Ephemera Depository!

Discount stores come and go - just look at the rise and fall of K-Mart (that's a whole other post).  But I do believe Target is in it for the long haul - if Wal-Mart doesn't buy them out!

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