Wednesday, May 9, 2012

OOH! Spangly!

Today's post veers away from my typical vintage ephemera and into another type of vintagey goodness - old sequins!

Those of you who are reading this and know me personally might have a hard time picturing me enjoying sequins; I don't exactly radiate glamour and glitz.  :)  No, I'm a jeans and sweater-type person and if anyone ever saw me all "dolled up", as my Grammie used to say, they'd probably assume it was Halloween.

But away from a garment, in their raw, formaldehyde-scented state, they're just a bunch of tiny opportunities.

Take these tiny guys, for example - I got these hanks of gorgeous, blush-pink and cobalt blue sequins from Silver Crow Creations (you can find all kinds of sequins here!).  I bought them just because I love them so much - I don't have a specific project in mind.  But I can totally see them as a lovely border on a collage, with a tiny rhinestone or brad in the middle where the hole is.  For something so small, that would make quite a statement (note to self: write this idea down).  They would also look lovely clustered together like a flower - ooh!  Just writing this post is giving me all kinds of ideas!  :D

These next guys aren't exactly 'sequins', but they also pack quite a punch.  I got these from Urban Renewal on Etsy and they're much tinier than I expected!  An added bonus - the seller included the packet they came in (they're French!).  I have enough of these to last me 'til rapture.  Another added bonus?  I got TONS of extras with my purchase - like these other sequins!  :D

Last but not least is this little bag full of - be still my heart - sterling silver sequins from Artist & Display, my absolute FAVORITE art supply store in the universe. Wisconsinites - if you live within a 150-mile radius of Milwaukee, you couldn't find a better art supply store.  And the customer service is top-notch - the staff know their stuff like no one else.  Seriously, I cannot say enough good stuff about them!

I have actually used sequins before on some of my ATCs - they add just the right amount of flash or space-filler.  :D

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