Monday, May 7, 2012

Done up in Blueprint Blue....

....It sure looks good on, well, anything (thanks Steely Dan!).  :D

I LOVE blueprints.  I know I've exclaimed this before, but there is just something about that blue.  That gorgeous, matte, cross-between-midnight-and-cobalt-and-indigo hue that is beyond compare.

So it's no surprise that when I found this book at a Gibson Girls estate sale a few weeks ago, I had to have it.  Not only is it vintage (1956 printing) with plenty of Futura fonty goodness, it lays flat, which is ideal when you're trying to cut things out of it.  The original price on the book was $5, but I happened to go on a 75% off day, which means I got this baby for a mere $1.25.  SCORE!!!

I didn't unpack my bag right away when I got home.  During dinner, I was telling Brian about my purchases and mentioned this particular book, which I quick grabbed out of the ba - hey, wait a second!  Where is it?  I could've SWORN I bought that book.  Did I not take it to the counter?  Seriously?

So I wrote Gibson Girls and told them about the book.  I tried to describe it the best I could without knowing the actual title (there were TONS of books at this sale, too!).  I thought it was gone for good.....

....Until I got a message back, saying they had the book and would save it for me at the next sale, which happened to be this past Saturday.  And as you can see, I now have it in my possession.  YAY!!   Wasn't that the apex of customer service to have them hold it for me?  Now you can see why I love these sales so much.  :)

I don't know yet what I'm going to do with it, but with this many blueprints the possibilities are endless.  An added bonus:  there are lots of mimeographed papers included!!  My day has been made.  :)

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