Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This is the KING!

Oh, how I love my trading stamps.  You may be tired of hearing about them, as I've exclaimed my love here, here, and here.  But here's a new booklet I got when I was in Wisconsin Dells - and it came with some surprises!

In one of the locked cases of this particular antique mall, there was a stack of about 10 of these Kingsbury booklets.  I was very interested, as: a) It's a trading stamp booklet; b) I had never seen this one before; and c) Kingsbury was a local beer, brewed right in Sheboygan (about 35 miles due east of Fondy).  I asked to see the pile, because I wanted my pick of the litter to ensure that I wasn't missing the best one of the bunch.

Well, I found the best one of the bunch!  It's in pretty decent shape, and there are two full and one partially filled sheets.  But there was something else -

A MAJOR bonus of 11 beer labels tucked in the back of the booklet!

Not only are these labels for Kingsbury, but for Braumeister and Blatz as well.  All of the labels are for these breweries' bock products, which is a beer that was usually the first drawn from the vats in the spring and is stronger than most other beers.  Also, all three breweries were a division of G. Heileman Brewing Co. out of La Crosse, but who also had plants in Sheboygan (I didn't know this!  I learned something new!).  The booklet and the labels are probably from 1963-1974, since Kingsbury was bought out by G. Heileman in 1963 and 1974 was the last year that Kingsbury was made.  However, Miller bought the near-beer portion of Kingsbury and still produces it, according to Wikipedia.

I love the cartoon lion in the booklet, and I always love a little extra something thrown in for free!  Score-o-rama!  :D


  1. Now yesterday you were talking about tracing characters onto your pieces, I would trace the lion onto something!

    1. Well Amy, I DO like that lion a lot...:D