Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tee Time!

It's golf season here in Wisconsin!  Or, at least it was back in March, when the temps soared into the 80s!  Now that we're back to normal, you still see the die hards out there but it'll be another month before it's back in full swing (hey!  I just made a pun!).  :D

My brother in-law Mike is a huge golfer.  He's been into the sport since high school, at least.  It must be nice to have that kind of coordination.  :D  He likes all aspects of the sport - the exercise, the precision, the clothes - and the collecting.  He's got a custom golf ball case where he stores golf balls commemorating various courses he's played and special games of which he's been a part.  It's a pretty extensive collection!

Here's a little golf item that I don't think he collects - place markers!  I love these little guys!  I found them at the Fox Valley Antique Mall a while back.  These
are one of those items that has it all - vintage (ish), tiny, and contains advertising.  One wonders if the person who owned these worked at or owned Hennes Trucking, as this seems to be the dominant marker.  There are also a few here for Citgo and Shell gas - the Shell one looks to be pretty old but Citgo as a brand has only been around since 1965, when it changed its name from Cities Service.  There are also some other trucking-type markers, but my favorites are the Yellow Pages ones!  I also love the Bank of Luxemburg and Hyland House Supper Club markers (incidentally, Bank of Luxemburg and the Hyland House both still exist!).

I've already used one of those Yellow Pages markers in an ATC - I just snipped off the back.  I would love to make a tiny collage of a gas station and use either the Shell or Citgo markers as the "sign" - ooh!  Inspiration strikes!  :D

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