Friday, April 20, 2012

A Tack-y Post

Hee hee!  So terribly sorry for the pun.  On second thought, nope!  I'm not!  :D

I just had to share with you one of the cutest things I've ever seen - so naturally, I had to have some for my very own!

I am in love with these.  I got them at an online shop called Tiny Things are Cute, and this product certainly lives up to that name!

SO tiny - maybe 1/4" wide?  Maybe?
The description on the site says that these are vintage map tacks.  They are as close to perfection as durable ephemera can get - they're vintage, they're numbered, they're colorful....and they're tiny.  I am absolutely going to be using these in collages and assemblages!  I'll probably pop off the pin portion and just use the plastic part, but that's the good part anyway!

I'm inspired - I think I'll make something today!  Stay tuned - and have a fantastic weekend, everyone!


  1. I love the TTAC shop!! These are so great I think I'll have to order some - to use as - MAP TACKS! Go figure!!


  2. Well, Liz, I *suppose* you could use them for their intended purpose! :D Thanks for writing! :D

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