Monday, April 2, 2012


Is the moon in the seventh house?  Has Jupiter aligned with Mars?  Are the Mayans up to something?  :D

I don't know what it is, but flyers are a-flyin'! Everyone and their uncle is leaving stuff on our door.  It doesn't really bother me, except when it's windy and the flyers inevitably wind up tangled in our landscaping or in our neighbor's yard.  Oh, and if someone actually knocks on my door, there is a 100% chance that I will not answer, unless it's a neighbor kid selling candy for fundraising.  Then there is a 100% chance of a sale.  :D

I don't recall ever getting Easter flyers before.  Is attendance down considerably, even for the C&E (that's "Christmas & Easter") Christians?  What's interesting is that all of these flyers are for local Lutheran churches and they're all WELS churches, or Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.  I wonder if this type of advertising works?  Maybe the thinking is if they reach just one new member, their flyer paid off.  Around here, though, people tend to attend the church that their parents attend(ed).

Here's an interesting flyer for a show called Shen Yun, which looks like a Cirque du Soleil-type of dance troupe. It's interesting that they'd be hanging flyers for this event this far north, because the event is at the Overture Center in Madison (about 70 SW of Fondy).  It looks like quite a spectacular, complete with a full orchestra and fantastic costumes.  Upon closer inspection, the brochure was put out by Wisconsin Falun Dafa Association, which is a chapter of Falun Dafa.  I had no idea what this was, so I looked it up and it turns out that Falun Dafa is an "advanced self-cultivation practice of the Buddha school."  Interesting!  As you can see, there is some GREAT collage fodder in this brochure and I will definitely be cutting up this one.

We have a big election coming up tomorrow - it's the Republican Primary and all kinds of local elections, including school board, FDL County seats and FDL City Council.  Surprisingly, we've only gotten ONE flyer from a candidate - Ted Eischeid for FDL County Supervisor.  I'm really surprised by this - we did get quite a few for our primary election back in February, but I thought for sure we'd be flooded with brochures this time around.  Maybe funds are running low?

I have a good mind to keep 4 of the 5 flyers in the Perpetual Ephemera Depository.  Fifty years from now, I think people will find these fascinating!  We don't even know if paper will be the same then - 2062 is a long way off.  If nothing else, folks will be able to laugh at our clothes.  :)

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