Thursday, April 5, 2012

Personal Success

This past weekend I got to do something that I truly love to do - go to one of my beloved Gibson Girls estate sales in Sheboygan (Wisconsin)!

I have spoken of my love for these sales many times before, I know.  I can't help it!  There is nothing else like these sales in our area.  They're very well organized and professional.  And I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the voyeuristic aspect of seeing the inside of some lovely homes.

Such was the case on Sunday!  The sale was at the home of a 94 year-old woman who had passed away.  She and her late husband had the home built in 1954.  And wouldn't you know it - the gentleman who built the house was actually at the sale the same time I was!  His wife and I had a lovely chat about the wonderful layout of the home.  I love it when that kind of stuff happens.  The builder was also quite elderly - I'd say in his late 80s.

By the time I got there (the second to last day of the sale), everything had been pretty well picked over.  But it was also 75% off, so beggars can't be choosers.  :D  I managed to find a few neat things, this pocket library being one of them:

Oh, I am a SUCKER for little books tucked into a "library"!  It all started with my teeny-tiny Maurice Sendak Nutshell Library.  I loved it so much!  And nearly 40 years later, nothing's changed!  :D

When I showed Brian this library we got to discussing how things like this will probably never be printed again. It would be available online or in a video format, but (in my opinion, anyway) no publisher is going to bother with these types of informative series anymore.  The overall feeling, at least in the media, is that the tide is shifting to e-everything - why have books cluttering up your house when you can have your whole library on one e-reader? (Really.  DO NOT get me started on this subject.)

Granted, some of the books in the series are already outdated, especially my favorite: "How to be Effective on the Telephone".  Given the atrocious telephone manners of most people these days, you'd think we'd actually need this booklet the most!  But most companies just assume that one knows how to conduct themselves in a professional manner on the phone (au contraire, but I digress).  The illustrations are MARVELOUS, aren't they?  :D  And I just noticed this time stamp in the back of the book:  "Received, 1964 Dec 17 City Compt. Sheboygan, Wis.  Bonus!

One thing all of the books have in common are these little perforated cards in the middle of the book.  I don't think these books were ever read, because all of the cards are intact and the little envelope that's supposed to hold the cards for you when you're on the road is still in each of the books!  In some cases, the business reply envelope is also included!  Another bonus!

Because these books are work-related, all of the illustrations are male dominant (this set was printed in 1964, after all!).  I don't have a lot of "manly" ephemera, so this is great!  I can't wait to play around with the books.  Yep, these are going to be used.  :D