Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Mish-mosh of Ephemera Goodness

SURPRISE!  I'll bet you thought I'd be talking about the Titanic today, didn't you?  Nope.  I personally don't have any Titanic ephemera - if I did, I'd be rich and ironically sailing around the world right now.  :D

No, today I thought I'd talk about a hodge-podge of stuff.  A mish-mosh, if you will.  A veritable potpourri of ephemera goodness.  :D

First up - this "Nature Guide from Grape-Nuts".  It's actually put out by Rand McNally, and it's from 1985 - much more current that I imagined (from the cover, I would've guessed about 1973).  Aside from the cover there is no mention whatsoever of Grape-Nuts, so I'm going to guess that this little guide was either included in the box or you sent in boxtops and got it by mail.  It has some great illustrations and information about various wildlife reserves in the Eastern part of the country.  There are also some colorful maps in the back.  I got it at the AAUW book sale last month for 50 cents.  Oh, yeah - this baby's gettin' cut.  :D

Next on this very random list is this very vintage Standard Textbook of Cosmetology - this edition was put out by the Milwaukee College of Beauty Culture, Inc.  I love that it's local!  I found it at Half Price Books in Appleton (the same place where I found this).  I have the 1963 printing, but it was first written in 1938.  What's hysterical about it (and was probably already hysterical when the students in 1963 were reading it) is the fact that they didn't bother updating the illustrations!  This hairstyle was already 25 years old then, which would be like a textbook today containing a "big hair" spiral perm style from 1987!  Of course, this is all fine with me, because I love these illustrations.  This book was a major score.

On to the Shameless Plug portion of the post - I have finally created a Facebook page for my Web site!  Yes, there is now a Facebook page.  If you like what you see, could you click on through and "like" it?  I would be ever so grateful to you, my faithful readers!  :D

Okay!  Last, but most certainly NOT least, is this INCREDIBLE press that my wonderful dad in-law made for me.  Isn't it wonderful?  There's literally one ton(ne) of pressure in this baby! It was created using a plan from one of my favorite books, Trash to Treasure Papermaking, by Arnold Grummer (mine is even autographed!  :D)  I wanted it mainly for making handmade paper (it'll be a coup when I'm teaching classes!), but I can also use it for doing letterpress-style prints and collages.  It'll also come in very handy when I'm confronted with vintage paper that's been rolled up for the last 60 years - if this baby doesn't flatten it out, I don't know what will!  Am I a lucky lady, or WHAT?

So there you have it - a wonderfully arbitrary collection of items (except for the press - I just got it yesterday and had to share it with you!).  You may now resume drooling over various ship-related ephemera.  :D

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