Friday, April 27, 2012

A Fun Evening

...Or I suppose you could call this a continuation of yesterday's post, whereby I reveal all of the trash-to-treasure projects I made for last night's "Upcycled Art" seminar!  :D

To recap, for those of you who may not have read yesterday's post:  all week long I'd been preparing for last evening's seminar, making easy and free (or cheap) projects out of items we all have laying about the house.  Well, last night was the culmination of those projects!  I had about 14 people attend, which was a really nice number - not too big, not too small.  My wonderful husby Brian was there too, helping me out if I needed it (he is quite a guy, that Brian; I am one lucky lady!).  Some of my friends came to see me, which is always so affirming when you see friendly faces in the crowd, but there were others that came who seemed to be very interested in the idea of taking garbage and turning it into something useful.  I love it when that happens and I appreciate that these folks took time out of their busy schedules to pay me a visit.  :)

Okay!  I'll get to the projects now!

I broke down my talk by item - if you read yesterday's post you've already seen the luminaria that I made with a plastic bag and heat gun, but I also showed some "plastic fabric" that I made with bags and fusible webbing.  You probably picked out that there's a Target bag, but I also made an "abstract" using a "Have a nice day!" bag:

I'll be using this for various projects in the future!  I like how it turned out.

Next, I focused on the various uses for newspaper.  Here's the project I created using that newspaper yarn I talked about in a previous post:

All I did was coil it and glue the coils to a canvas.  This project was a little time-consuming, but I like it!  I used a tiny bit of paint on some of the coils but other than that, it's exactly how it came off of the skein.  This project could be very easily replicated by taking strips of newspaper and rolling it up, and it would cost nothing to create.  I got the idea here.

Okay!  Onto wine stuff.  I like wine.  :)  And I like all of the things that you can create with the elements of a wine bottle!  Take, for example, the labels - as you probably already know I love labels of any kind, and wine labels are usually beautifuly designed.  So of course, I collage with them!  Here is a VERY simple collaged picture frame using some of my favorite labels:

It was pure serendipity that the labels I chose just happened to "match".  I love it when that happens!  :D

There is another part of the wine bottle that is equally useful - the cork!  Here are the little stamps I created using a simple image and an X-Acto knife:

As you can see, I'm no master carver.  But I had fun and if I used actual carving tools, the stamps probably would've turned out better.  Still, I'm happy with the fact that you can tell what they are (or if you can't, it's a tree, water fowl of some kind, and a cluster of stars).  :D

Last up was my segment on using TP rolls in artwork.  Sounds cheesy, doesn't it?  But check out what the lowly TP roll can do when flattened and cut into "petals":

SO easy.  All I did was take a 6x6" canvas, attach some scrapbook paper, and arrange the TP "petals", which I painted inside and out using plain old acrylic paint.  (And if you think this is cool, wait 'til I get some photos of my sister's HUGE installation using nothing but TP rolls and a huge canvas.  It's really impressive and awesome!)  This whole project cost me about $3 - and that's including the canvas!

So there you have it.  That was my seminar in a nutshell.  I hope you enjoyed the projects as much as I liked creating them!  :D


  1. what fun that must have been! i also love wine bottle labels, but can't seem to get them off cleanly :( any tips you have would be appreciated! diana

    1. Thanks Diana! We did have a lot of fun. As far as the wine labels go - take the whole bottle and soak it in very hot water overnight (it doesn't matter that the water will get cold). In the morning, *carefully* begin peeling a corner to see if it'll take. If you begin to feel it "tug", then leave it until later. Try other corners, and if one seems to work, loosen the entire side of the label (not the top or bottom) until it comes off. Hopefully that works for you! The trick is patience. :D Thanks for the comment! :D

  2. This is so exciting! I love the t.p. rolls1 I may have to try that! And the newspaper coils! And, I have decided that since I also like wine, what a great excuse to buy it more I can reuse the labels! Hee-hee!