Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Careless Smoking Habits

A very good Wednesday to all of you!  I'm back from my "vacation" (a very monstrous headache took me down yesterday).

Okay!  We're back on track.  I promised more show n' tell from my antiquing excursions this past weekend - well, here's something I found that I couldn't resist:

Talk about a relic from days gone by!  It's a stack of "Careless Smoking Habits" notices that would've gone on the back of hotel doors.  I'm going to put these from the 1960s, or maybe the late 50s.  There was obviously just cause for this notice, and maybe this was one of the first signs of more people becoming aware of the dangers of smoking (if not to oneself, then at least to property).

I love that the fine for damaging property is between $50 and $250!  That wouldn't even buy you a room service dinner today.  (Maybe I'm exaggerating - a little!)  And as much as I'm of the belief that "if it's legal, then it should be legal everywhere", I must admit - having nearly every hotel room smoke-free is delightful.  There's nothing worse than entering a hotel room that reeks of stale cigarettes!

I got a lot of fourteen of these beauts - 13 white and one pink.  You bet your sweet bippy I'm going to use one of these as a background for a snarky collage!  What'll I do with the other 13?  One never knows....but for $3 for the entire lot, I may just have to use these for giveaways!  Stay tuned!  :D

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