Monday, April 23, 2012

Carbon-dating Myself!

Here's another of those obsolete "conveniences" that make me smile - carbon paper!

I've spoke of my love of mid-century typing paraphernalia before, but I don't believe I expounded on the virtues of this glorious stuff, which I now get all to myself because really - who messes with carbon paper anymore?

This past weekend I attended another Gibson Girls estate sale - this time, in the adorable little town of Kiel, Wisconsin (cutest downtown EVER!).  I don't know the exact details of who lived there but I'm going to guess that it was an elderly widow, judging by the decor and the lack of any male presence save a couple of 1970s sport coats in one of the closets and some fly-fishing tackle in the garage.

This woman enjoyed crafts of all kinds, from rug-hooking to sewing.  I went on the third-to-last day of the sale and was amazed to find this unopened packet of dressmakers' carbon paper just laying there, waiting for me to snap it up.  An added bonus?  I paid a QUARTER for it!  :D

WOO HOO!  It contains all of the good colors, too - white, yellow, blue and red!  I already have all of these colors from another set of carbon paper that I got at yet another estate sale a few years back, but I'm trying to amass a nice quantity because I don't know how much longer I'll be seeing these types of things at sales.  Carbon paper, at least the typing kind (which I have a few boxes of already), predates my work life by at least two decades, if not three.  I've always had a copy machine available to me, thank the gods!

I also have some Saral transfer paper that I got at an art supply store (and it's AMAZING), but of course it doesn't hold the same allure as the vintage stuff.

I am actually in the process of doing a project with tracing paper, but I can't show it to you just yet; it's part of the Detritus Project that I'm doing for our library (incidentally, you can catch post #4 tomorrow!).  But I've also used it in my collages in the past.  Here's an ATC that I did a couple of years ago using some of my carbon paper - the woman was actually a design on the "Old Town" carbon paper that I just traced with the paper itself!

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