Thursday, March 1, 2012

What Sets us Apart?

What sets Ephemeraologists apart from other folks?  I think it's our outlook on the "little things".

Let's examine this thought for a moment.  All of the pieces of paper and wrappers and business cards that flow through our hands on a daily basis - I believe that we Ephemeraologists notice these things more than others and take time to really look at them.  I would put designers in this same category (we actually have many things in common).

Take this freebie from the cleaners, for example - how many of these do you suppose were just thrown away? If a customer from back then was a regular and had his shirts sent out weekly, he would've probably received many of these little guys.  Just how many does one  need?  He may have kept one in his drawer and tossed the rest.

Ephemeraologists, on the other hand, would've taken the time to notice the nice illustration and cross-hatching.  They would've noticed the excellent font choice.  Of course they would've thought the little hanky on the end was extremely clever and handy.  And because Ephemeraologists tend to save everything, this piece would've probably been utilized.

The best part about writing this blog is knowing that there are others out there who share my fondness for items such as this.  It is truly comforting to know that I am not alone; there are scores of you who would also find this piece, pick it up, and say, "COOL!".  Then you'd set about trying to figure out why it was kept, what year it was made, and any other "necessary" information you could find.  If you're a hardcore Ephemeraologist, you'd already be plotting how to use this piece in your art work.

So today, when you discover a fun piece of paper laying on the ground and of course, pick it up and put it in your pocket, take solace knowing you're a modern-day archaeologist who knows it's important to preserve these little 20th century artifacts.

Ephemeraologists unite!  :D


  1. Hi Mel, I'm a new reader. Nice blog! So true about wanting to know the history behind the papers we find. I blog over at

    1. Hi Jayne! Welcome aboard! Glad to see you here! :D