Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Take a Number

"Take a number" - that phrase has become the new "Tell me about it!".  I don't have many experiences with take-a-numbers, because I live in an area where there aren't too many places where one would have to deal with it.

I got these two guys at our local Jo An Fabrics, of all places!  And both times I took one, I actually didn't need it - I was called right away.  :D

They may seem so ephemeral as to not even be noticed by most people (my favorite kind!), but from a pure Ephemeraology standpoint - Taking the Discarded and Making it Arted (TM) - they're PERFECT!  They've got nice big (to me, anyway) numbers, the paper is thin enough to layer, there's a nice graphic arrow - perfect.  :D

I just did a quick search on Ebay for "take a number" and it yielded me nothing in terms of vintage tabs.  I can't say that I'm shocked, because who in their right mind, besides me and some random hoarders, would ever keep these?  But now, the hunt is on.  Because I can't find any, I want to find some.  Maybe there are none because they didn't exist?  Maybe it was just the plastic numbers back in the day?

How about you, my dear readers?  Have you ever encountered any vintage tabs?  Let me know if you have - if you'd like to share any photos on the Facebook page, that would be great too!

Let's raise the mundane to an art form!  :D

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