Monday, March 26, 2012

A Riverwalk Shout-Out!

Am I lucky, or what?  Seriously, I have to be one of luckiest people in Fond du Lac.  I owe this "luck" to the wonderful people I am fortunate enough to know.  And one of those people just bestowed upon me an embarrassment of riches, magazine-style!

I'll get to the ephemera later, but first - a tale of serendipity.  As many of you may know, I was in the newspaper biz before I became a full-time artist and Ephemeraologist.  I worked at The Reporter here in Fond du Lac.  I started working there in August of 2005, but in many ways it was a homecoming for me because I actually got to work with some of my dearest friends from the Green Bay Press-Gazette, where I worked from 1993-96.  You see, The Reporter had since become a Gannett paper, so all of the Northeastern Wisconsin papers were lumped into a group called Gannett Wisconsin Newspapers (later, Media).  It was "old home week" when I arrived there, and I adored my job.

The Reporter was housed at the corner of Macy and 2nd Street, downtown, where it had been since 1973.  It's a very groovy block-wide building, with a brick and sandstone exterior and a Very Brady staircase on the interior.  I loved being downtown and would visit my fave shops during my lunch hour.  It was also a 6-minute commute for me.  Perfection.

In 2009, however, The Reporter and the Action Advertiser, our bi-weekly shopper, merged into the same building - a newer, groovier, rounder building on the far west side.  That left my beloved downtown building vacant, and my heart broken.  I really enjoyed the newer building, but my heart stayed downtown.  I also worried that no one would ever purchase it and that we'd have a block-long gaping hole to fill that would eventually deteriorate.

VERY fortunately, my fears were unwarranted!  A company called Dreifuerst & Sons Moving & Storage came to the rescue and purchased the building, and not even a year after it went on the market!  It was so nice to see someone in the building, although I was sad to know I'd probably never set foot in it again.....

.....Or so I thought.  You see, Tom and Kathy Dreifuerst, the owners of the company, had an ace up their sleeve - Kathy would take the former Reporter lobby and turn it into an art gallery!  Kathy is an artist and art teacher herself, so her work would be featured along with other local artists.  She filled a much-needed void in Fond du Lac, and our downtown is that much richer for it.

And so, Riverwalk Art Center was born!  I have had the distinct pleasure of showing my own work in this marvelous space (which, not incidentally, is 10,000 times more beautiful now than when I worked there!).  I also had a marvelous sales month while showing at Riverwalk.  :D

Kathy is a pleasure to work with.  She is also very thoughtful!  And here, my patient readers, is where the ephemera comes in:

All of these magazines were included in the bag she gave me - and this is just a sample!  The magazines range from 1935 to 1958, like this Better Homes & Gardens issue:

Talk about mid-century MARVELOUS!  

Kathy was cleaning out her mom's house and she found all of these nearly mint condition magazines.  She thought of me because she knew that they'd go to a "good home".  Isn't that lovely?  :D  All of the magazines are chock FULL of wonderful images for future collaging.  I can't wait to sink my teeth into these beauts!

Thank you again, Kathy - I love them ALL!   Here's to Riverwalk Art Center and being a vital part of our downtown! :D


  1. What an amazing turn of events with that building for you and those magazines are a major score!

  2. I'm so drooling over those magazines, you lucky lady!