Friday, March 16, 2012

Luck o' the Irish?

Top o' the mornin' to ya! Happy day-before-St. Patty's-Day!  :D  Do you, my dear readers, celebrate this fest, even if you're not Irish?

I have absolutely ZERO Irish blood.  I'm a Heinz 57 combo of German and English on my mom's side, and Welsh, French Canadian, and some Native American in there somewhere on my dad's side.  In Green Bay, Wisconsin, where I grew up, St. Pat's wasn't that big of a deal - until college.  And then after college, when no one really cared about drinking green beer, it wasn't a big deal again.  But Green Bay isn't a big Irish town, either - it was mainly German, Polish and Belgian when I was a kid.

Fond du Lac isn't exactly teeming with Irish folks, either, but we do have a wonderful truly Irish bar called, well, Irish's.  It's been a Fondy landmark since 1938 and most days of the year, it's a "regulars" bar.  It's a great bar to frequent if you're not a fan of loud music or huge crowds - so that's why, on the handful of days out of the year when I'm actually in a tavern, Irish's is the place to go.

But not tomorrow!  No sirree!!!  Tomorrow it'll be PACKED to the gills with "Irish" folks gettin' their green drink on (and it just happens to be right smack at the end of the parade route!).  No, tomorrow I shall be holed up at home, grateful to not have to go anywhere.  :D

I don't have many bits of Irish ephemera, but one of my favorites are these vintage pieces (above) of Dresden scrap from the Twenties or Thirties.  These little guys set me back quite a bit (for ephemera, anyway - I believe I paid $8 for four of them), but I just had to have them.  They're not overly rare or anything, but I knew they'd be just the thing for a St. Pat's Day collage.  Plus, they're adorable!

And wouldn't you know it, I actually made a collage with one!  This is a card I did three years ago for a St. Pat's Day theme at our live ATC trade in Milwaukee.

If you do celebrate this weekend, have fun and be safe so I can wish you "Cead mile failte" come Monday mornin'!  :D


  1. You can be an honorary Irish lass for the day! Go and get your green on!

  2. Yes, everybody's Irish on St. Patrick's Day :D