Friday, March 2, 2012

Junior Script Tripped!

I was searching for a particular piece of ephemera the other day, when I came across this:


When I saw it again, it was like all the holidays rolled into one!  How could I have forgotten about this tiny little book, crammed to the hilt with all sorts of receipt-y goodness?

I remember the day I got this little gem - it was almost exactly two years ago (March 14, 2010, to be exact!).  My friend Suze and I were in West Bend for the day because she had to drop off some brochures at a bed & breakfast there (she owns one too - Moondance B&B - and if you're ever in Fondy you HAVE to stay there!).  So we decided to make a day  of it.

West Bend is adorable!  Their downtown is wonderful, with fantastic restaurants and a first-rate museum, The Museum of Wisconsin Art (where Suze and I actually exhibited this past fall!).  The day that I'm referring to, we checked out all of the neat shops lining Washington Street and came across one called Apple Barrel General Store.  The shop had a little of everything, which makes sense because the family who runs it does estate sales (they also do furniture restoration and make their own wine!).

I found a lot of stuff there that day, including some of my most favorite bar guides.  But tucked away in a corner was a little basket of books, and one of them just so happened to be this treasure.

When I opened it up, I squealed.  This is someone's trip journal!  Receipts with store names on them!  (If you've read this post then you know how much I love them.)  Tickets to attractions in Colorado Springs (including an auto highway!)!  A trip itinerary with VERY itemized expenses!  A corner of a hair net package used as scrap paper!

Unfortunately, none of the receipts have a year on them.  But from what I've pieced together using the receipts and the journal, these folks took a big trip from June 23-30 and visited Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming,  and South Dakota before heading "home" (wherever that is).  One of my favorite pages of this little book is a detailed account of their gas purchases - 17 gallons for $4.42!!  That's 26 cents a gallon!!  There is also a trademark date on the hairnet scrap - 1946.  Those gas prices would be in line for this time, plus it's after the war so people could take pleasure trips again.  I think we're on to something!  :D

Whatever the year, I just like owning this little slice of someone's life.  Whoever had this kept it for a long time, so the trip must've meant something to them.  I'm sure this was a HUGE event!

Here are some more pieces I've done using receipts - maybe some day I'll bring myself to use this book!  :D

"Days" collage, currently on display at EFFJAY PROJEKTS
in Sheboygan, WI

"Do Not Copy" ATC

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