Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's Shameless Self Promotion Day!

What?  It's not?  Well, it is now.  :D

Okay - I'm going to take the plunge and really talk about my work today.  Yes, I do show you my work on a fairly regular basis, but it's mainly for examples of how you can use that particular type of ephemera that was highlighted for that day.  Today I'm going to talk about how I create my pieces.

For those of you who collect "stuff" like I do, let me pose this question:  Do you enjoy rifling through it often?  Are you surprised when you come across pieces that you totally forgot you had?  Are there certain pieces that you own just because you like the look of it, and for no other reason?

Well, my dear readers, that's me in a nutshell.  :D  This blog and my work serve each other; many times I'm inspired to create a piece because I wrote about that ephemera on that day, and an idea springs forth.  I love it when that happens.

"Educators Approve" - 8X8"

Here's my latest framed collage - I was searching for something completely different when I came across this vintage train ticket that I had forgotten about.  I used the front (the "please keep this check in sight" part) and the back (the pen part), because I thought both were cool.  I also adore all of my trading stamps (as many of you know) so I threw one in there too.  The rest is a vintage check background, handmade papers, and vintage graphic tape.

I also make pendants for sale - some of my wonderful readers even own one! - and here's a recent creation.  I used a vintage Chinese cigarette label for the background, and the 1930s lady is from a sewing booklet. I love her cloche, don't you?  :D

This is my most recent clock - I busted out the fusible webbing for this piece!  I used a vintage stock certificate, tissue papers, handmade paper and some used wrapping paper for this collage, and when it was done I stamped the flower image on top and stitched around it.  I got the vintage lucite numbers quite a while ago and I just love them.  I love how they add depth to the clock.

Whenever I finish a piece, I always stop and wonder if I would've made something completely different had I made it on a different day.  Would I have arranged the papers differently according to my mood?  If I were feeling sparkier, would I have introduced glitter to my collages?  What would happen if any of YOU worked with the same materials?  How different would the piece be?

The possibilities are endless!  That's why vintage ephemera is so wonderful to use in artwork - anyone can collect it and anyone can create with it.  If you've wanted to try it but haven't had the nerve to do so yet, I hope these pieces inspired you!

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  1. all your pieces inspire me, Mel! I know you work on many different materials, and I was wondering what the 8x8 collage is done on. Canvas? Wood? Does the thickness of the material used make it hard to frame? I'm planning to use several wood scraps that are 1/2 inch thick to put collages on. Can something like that be framed?