Monday, March 12, 2012

Illuminate Me

As you have probably figured out already, I LOVE tiny things.   I especially enjoy objects that are miniatures of other products, but which still serve their own purpose.

Take, for example, these little light bulbs.  According to the box(es), they're #27s and used for "hand lanterns".

Hmm....around these parts (Wisconsin), a "hand lantern" is usually one of those lamps that Pa Ingalls carried out to the barn at night, which was fueled by kerosene.  I think General Electric was referring to an early version of a flashlight.  Help me out, readers!  Are there parts of the U.S. or Canada that still refer to a flashlight as a "hand lantern"?  :D

Whatever you call it, I'm so glad that someone had these laying around their home or shed for a handful of decades!  I got these in a lot and one box is clearly older than the other two, maybe even by 20 years or so.  I'm going to put the newer of the two styles at around the late Forties, because I have some die cut toys with the same design on them and they're from that period.  The older box looks to be from maybe the late Twenties to the mid-Thirties, maybe?  I'm making my judgments based on the font styles and the formality of the wording on the bottom of the box.

I do plan on using these little guys in an assemblage piece someday - what I'd REALLY love is if I could somehow find sockets for these bulbs and actually wire them up.  I don't know the shelf life of these tinies, but it would be loverly if I could use the boxes in my collage work and utilize those bulbs as well.  Stay tuned!  Maybe something will transpire!  :D


  1. Ah, delightfully envious of this find!
    Rare and wonderful, and anything electric, well, I covet.
    In a healthy way, of course! :-)


  2. Oh gosh. This one is too close to home. :) I feel like I'm back in my grandmother's packratted attic. Or basement. Or closets. (Long live the 1950s and 1960s in that house.)