Friday, March 30, 2012

I had to have it!

I have it really good.  In my line of work (I can barely call what I do "work"!), I deal with objects that are usually pretty cheap, and oftentimes free.  Add to the fact that I have wonderful people in my life that bequeath to me riches of an ephemeral nature, and the cost of my materials (not including my canvases, paint, bezels, chains, mirrors, clock parts and any shipping) is nominal.

There are times, however, when I come across something that is so unusual, so wonderful, that I must own it, even if it costs a little more.  In the immortal words of American Picker Mike Wolfe, "I had to have it."

If you're a fan of American Pickers, then you've no doubt heard Mike and Frank's mantra:  The time to buy something is when you see it, because it's usually your one and only chance.

I had that opportunity yesterday - and I took it.

I found this set in Appleton (Wisconsin).  My friend Nicci (who's a wonderful artist herself!) and I take a trip up to Appleton every six weeks or so.  We spend the whole day together!  First we hit Sai Ram, a wonderful Indian restaurant on the north side of town.  Then we head south to Richeson Art Supply outlet, In Kimberly, where we stock up on supplies (and we get to shop local!).  Our last stop is usually Half Price Books, which is where I found this gem:

Holy moly.  I got that "I'm on ephemera crack" feeling when I saw it, because I love little packets of stuff.  And this it appeared to be full!  Not only is the little file totally amazing, but when you look inside.....

*Cue the choir of cherubim*

There are about 100 of these little cards, each depicting a different stunt.  Even better?  The packet still contains the pristine business reply postcard....

the title card....

  the copyright card.....

the introduction and foreword.....

and the table of contents and index.

And I counted - all 160 of the stunt cards are included!

In fact, the whole set looks brand new - except for the gunk left behind from the Half Price Books price tag!  GRRR.....

What I want to know is, why did Robert Zold have this set?  Was he into exercise?  Was he a Phy Ed teacher?  Or did he find the gentlemen in the photos particularly handsome (hey, that's a legitimate question!)?

I suppose all that matters now is that I own this delightful 60 year-old set.  And you bet your sweet bippy that I'll be using these cards!  Absolutely!  They're too hilarious NOT to!  The uniforms, the poses, the fact that they're b&w - I am going to have some fun with these!  And when I finish work that includes these men, I will certainly share it with you.  :D

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