Tuesday, March 27, 2012

An Ephemeral "Windfall"

Because it's March, that means it's the beginning of spring here in the northern hemisphere.  And around the Midwest, that could mean anything, weather-wise.

We have had the wildest March on record!  We began the month with a big snowstorm, which promptly melted about 3 days later.  For 2 1/2 weeks in the middle, we basked in 70 and 80-degree temperatures, breaking many long-standing records.  This past weekend we had quite a cool-down, but we're still above normal (which is only about 43 degrees!).  What does this wacky weather mean?


And when you combine wind with trash pick-up day, you get one giant ephemeral tornado at one's disposal.  I reaped that windy harvest yesterday!

I was taking Sir Dudley for a walk and I found stuff everywhere.  Here's my "windfall" loot:

As you can see, I got an intact envelope, a cell phone bill (AYE CARUMBA!  I'd PLOTZ if my bill were that much!), a gas station food wrapper (mmm....processed food....), and a purple post-it with some cryptic notes.  These items are going right into the box that I reserve for stuff that I'll use to make handmade paper.  But what's this?

Isn't it gorgeous?  In a quick search online, I believe that this is part of a paper wasp's nest.  A paper wasp!  According to Wikipedia, this wasp was so named because they build their nests with fibers from dead wood and plant stems and mix it with their own saliva.  Isn't that cool (and just a little gross)?  These little guys are nature's Ephemeraologists!  :D  I'm glad it was just laying there - there's no other way I could've gotten it without some major harm to myself!

As I was picking up all of this "trash", I kept wondering what passersby were thinking:  will I gain a reputation around the neighborhood as The Crazy Trash Lady?

I guess that wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.  :D

P.S.  Speaking of "stuff", my second installment of The Detritus Project is up on Library as Incubator Project's Web site today!  Check it out!  :D


  1. Love it!
    I'm constantly scouring the vicinity for treasures that blow in whether on a neighborhood walk or parking lots at stores.
    Windy days can produce amazing ephemera...
    In fact, just last week, a blank greeting card with the *perfect* bird I needed for my dresser project flew into my back yard!
    So, no worries! If you are labeled the "The Crazy Trash Lady" ~ know that you won't be alone!

    1. OOH Traci! I LOVE it when stuff just appears, like that greeting card! Serendipity! :D

      And thanks for having my back on the "Crazy Trash Lady" thing - it's good to know I'll have company! :D

  2. My favorite windfall was a $5 bill I found in a park in Madison when we were feeding the ducks.

    1. Lucky you, Eileen! :D But here's a question - did you spend it, or make art with it? (Silly question, I know!) :D