Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chips Ahoy!

No, this isn't another cookie post!  I'm talking about my favorite kind of chip today - PAINT chips!

Maybe some of you don't feel the same way, but I love looking at a palette of colors.  Nothing fuels my creativity (besides old paper, of course!) like a wall of every color of the rainbow.  The fact that paint manufacturers allow us to take samples of these colors for free?  PRICELESS (literally and figuratively!).

I happened to be in our awesome True Value hardware store the other day, picking out paint for a Habitat for Humanity project I was doing, a fundraiser auction called Windows of Opportunity (take a window or mirror from the Habitat ReStore and make it artful so that folks will bid on it).  I love Kitz & Pfeil Hardware because of their exemplary customer service.  I explained to the 'paint guy' the nature of my project and he bestowed upon me many helpful hints about how to get the job done right.   His hints served me well!  Here is the final project:

I decided on "Stormy Petrel" for my paint color, and collaged the top portion using handmade papers and figures from a vintage calendar.  I call it "Stargazing".  I hope it brings in some money!  :D

Now, this would be a good time to put in my two cents' worth about using paint chips - while they are certainly available for the taking, I try to refrain from taking too many and I normally only take some when I'm purchasing paint.  I'm on the fence when it comes to all of these paint chip crafts showing up on places like Pinterest - sure, the projects are super cute, but let's not get crazy!  Here is a fantastic blog post about the ethics surrounding paint chip crafting - I love how it's called Paint Chip Gate!  :D

But if we're talkin' vintage paint chips, that's another story!  I was fortunate to have the 1960s and 70s chips, pictured above and to the left, and at the top, included in a "pound o' ephemera" that I purchased at Manto Fev.  I love these!  Not only does one get a glimpse into the popular decorating schemes of the time, they're SO fun to use in art work!  I know I've used this "Days" collage many times before as an example, but here it is again:

See that paint chip in the middle?  That was the inspiration for the whole piece.  I never would've thought to put these colors together but once I began, I started seeing the color combo everywhere!

New paint chips from True Value
I also just used my new paint chips in some name tags that I made for the fabulous ladies at one of my favorite stores in Fond du Lac, As You Wish.  Kathy, the owner, commissioned me to do these for her and since her sign and logo colors include blue and silver, I incorporated a lot of it in the name tags.  That "Stormy Petrel" chip worked perfectly in Kathy's name tag!


  1. The name tags are wonderful! I'm going to have to dig out the paint chips and play!

    1. Thank you so much! :D The paint chip was just the thing to complement the name tag. They're so versatile! Have fun playing! :D

  2. Much as I love ephemera and colors, I still think the chocolate chips > paint chips. :)

  3. Oh, my goodness...I never would have thought to use paint chips in a collage! You think of everything Mel! I have a bunch of paint chips in a drawer, since I've been putting off painting the interior of our house for like 3 years!