Tuesday, March 6, 2012

100 Years of Oreo!!

Happy Birthday, Oreo Cookies!  I can't believe you're 100 years old today!  How are you planning to celebrate this auspicious occasion?  :D

How about you, dear readers - are you Oreo fans?  I'll be honest - if there were an Oreo and a shortbread cookie on the table, I'd go for the shortbread 99 times out of 100.  I liked Oreos better as a kid.  My dad really liked them, so we'd have them in the house every once in a while.  I remember hearing debates about the Oreo vs. Hydrox; I didn't even know what a Hydrox cookie was until I was in my twenties!  :D

Even though it's not my favorite, I have fond memories of Oreos.  I very clearly remember when the Double Stuf Oreos came out - my sister and I would beg our parents to get them!  I think we got our way once or twice.  For me, it was once of those instances where I wondered what all of the hype was about.

When my first husby Dan and I took our first trip to Canada (Sault Ste. Marie, ON) in 1991, I found this bag of Oreos in the Dominion grocery store (which, alas, is no more; they're called Metro grocery stores now).  I wrote about this bag before - almost exactly one year ago, on March 11.  I lamented that I had thrown it away.  But after some box rearranging in our basement, BINGO!! It was unearthed!

I love that it's bilingual.  I love the tininess of the bag (or that it's even a bag; we have the plastic "rows" of cookies here in the States).  I love the colo(u)red filling! I love how the brand is Christie north of the border, instead of Nabisco.  I love how horrendously expensive they were 21 years ago!  And I love that I own a little piece of Oreo's illustrious history.

Now that I know I still have the bag, it's going right into the Perpetual Ephemera Depository and there it'll stay until someone else discovers it after I'm gone.  I hope Oreos are still around then.  :)

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