Wednesday, February 22, 2012

When the Chips are Down

I am a salty snack person.  Who's with me?  If given the choice, I would much rather have some dill pickle-flavored cashews or potato chips than chocolate on most days.  Don't get me wrong - if there's chocolate in the house it will be eaten.  But I love chips!

There are so very many choices available to us now - a stroll past the chip aisle in the grocery store can be overwhelming!  But it wasn't so long ago that you had just a few choices - potato chips or nuthin'.  :D

Growing up in Green Bay the two main brands were Old Dutch (from Minnesota) and Jay's (based out of Chicago but now owned by Snyder's of Hanover).  Sometime in my early childhood my dad discovered Pringles and the rest was history.  I have to admit - they're my favorite, too.  Don't put a can in front of me or they will be eaten (notice a trend here?).  :D

On my first trip to Canada (Sault Ste. Marie, ON) back in 1991, I was overjoyed at the new flavor variety of potato chips available, and I tried every one.  Canadians seem to enjoy a regular tomato-flavored chip (DELISH) over our tomato blends, which almost always include some "Mexican" flavors, like "salsa".  I happen to LOVE their ketchup-flavored chips, because they're a little sweeter than ours.  Canada is also where I first tasted dill pickle potato chips, which I also love.

When we went to Hawaii four years ago, I discovered Maui Onion-flavored chips, and they're everywhere over there.  If I would've been forward-thinking at the time, I would've kept my packaging - there were some local chip companies whose names now escape me (but I believe it was this brand).

But of course, I do have some vintage packaging!  I got this canister at a garage sale last summer (the same garage sale where I purchased this mayo jar).  Potato chip canisters make me smile, probably because they'll never be sold this way again (unless it's some special "original packaging" promo).  I did a little research on these Chesty chips, which were based in Terre Haute, Indiana.  The company was founded in 1945 by a man named George Johnson.  Some say that our present-day Ruffles brand got its start from Chesty; others claim it was from a company called Dan-Dee (judge for yourself - that Ruffles logo looks pretty darn unmistakable)!

These next two bags are wonderful, aren't they?  They have that lovely late  1940s look to them, with those brilliant-but-dull colors (does that make sense?  It's the only way I know how to describe those flatly-fluorescent hues).  I got these from my favorite new-old stock emporium, Old Stuff Only.  I tried some quick research online and I found zip, except for other vendors who obviously got their two bags from OSO and are trying to resell them for insane amounts of money.

I haven't done anything with these yet, obviously, but I will.  They're just waiting for the right project.  :)


  1. I love vinegar and salt chips, but they don't like me. My mouth hurts so bad after I eat them! And of course (like you) I can't eat just a couple. We have Backer's chips here in Missouri, which are made fairly close, and I think are really good. They make THE. BEST. tortilla chips ever!

    1. Oh Amy, I also love the S&V chips and the SAME thing happens to me! It leaves the roof of my mouth WRECKED! If I'm ever in your neck of the woods I'll definitely try the Backer's chips (and tortillas!)! :D