Tuesday, February 14, 2012

V-Day 2012

Another Valentine's Day is upon us!  You know what that means - spring is only 5 weeks away!  :D

I'm going to be honest - V-Day isn't my favorite holiday.  I think there's a lot of undue pressure put upon folks to act a certain way today.  I also don't like holidays where certain people feel excluded - if one is unattached, for example.  Last year, I proposed that we make Valentine's less about romance and more about telling our loved ones how we feel.  I'm still all for that!

Remember these little Valentines?  The ones that required a "mailbox" that we created in our art class?  :D  I love their punny sayings, and from an ephemera standpoint they can't be beat.  I got these from Retro Cafe Art Gallery a while back.

I remember getting one like this from my friend Julie in 1st Grade - it said, "C'mon, Honey - Bee my Valentine!"  I could read, but I had no idea what "sih-mon" (how I thought "C'mon" was pronounced) meant.  This boggled me for quite awhile!  I think my mom finally told me that it was a contraction for "come on".  I wondered why they couldn't just spell it out.  See?  Even then I was a grammar nerd.  :D

Because it's not a day in which I'm particularly fond, I've never made any art pertaining specifically to Valentine's Day.  Who knows - maybe I'll create a collage with these valentines some day!  I did just make this clock, though, which is red. I used one of my favorite types of ephemera in it - a vintage invoice.  I used my old hand-dyed embroidery thread to stitch the flower in the middle, which I loved doing.  Hopefully whoever purchases this clock will "love" it!  Does that count?  :D


  1. I agree with you; I'm not a big Valentine's Day fan, either. Even more than most holidays, it seems so contrived and commercialized. A holiday should be all-inclusive, and not about making whole segments feel left out. Love your blog!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, Tammie! It appears that great minds think alike. ;) But seriously, I'm so glad that you enjoy the blog! I appreciate that! :D