Monday, February 20, 2012

The Thrill of One-of-a-Kind

If you're a fan of vintage items (and unless you've stumbled upon this blog by accident, you are as rabid as I), then you know how much fun it is to find those items that are just so unusual, you HAVE to own it.  Today's item is just that!

I've professed my love of workbooks before, so when I saw this beautiful thing for sale at The Paper Flea Market, I knew it had to be mine.

Let's start with the awesome cover.  Our protagonist, one Martha Belt, obviously had a great sense of humor.  It is quite apparent that she didn't enjoy learning her Portuguese, either, because under the "Exercicio" title she expounded and opined, "is Extra Sick-o".  I like this girl.  :D

Judging by the "5o ano. beg." I'm going to assume that this is 5th year beginner's Portuguese (5th grade).  In the inside front cover we see that this workbook is for students of the "Ecola Americana do Rio de Janiero".  The "professora" was Arlette Maciel, which sounds as American as our Martha Belt.  My guess is that this was a school for Army base kids, perhaps?  I'm so happy that this page includes the date - 1972.  If Martha was indeed in the 5th grade range, that would make her around 50 years old now.

When the book is opened, that's when the real magic happens.  I LOVE these little drawings!  I love the typed/Photostatted look to the whole book.  For as much as Martha claims to loathe her lessons, she's a darn good student!  I see a lot of As and Bs, and her coloring skills are above reproach.

I haven't gotten around to using this book in my work, but I most certainly will at some point.  It's just too wonderful to not use!  Our Martha's work should be proudly displayed somewhere other than in a dark drawer.  :)

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