Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nothing Counts on Leap Day....

...At least according to the folks on 30 Rock!  You mean you didn't grow up with Leap Day William either? :D

About a century ago, everything was backward on Leap Day!  Why, a young lady could even (GASP!) ask her beau for HIS hand!  According to Wikipedia, women can propose today only, which confirms the poem on this card.  But don't get married on a Leap Day in Greece - it's bad luck!

I once again have to thank my friend Robin for this wonderful postcard.  I have more than one, so I'll post another on February 29, 2016.  I HOPE I'll be still writing in the blog then - maybe it'll even be a BOOK!  :D  Hey, it could happen - anything's possible on Leap Day!  :D

Speaking of anything being possible on Leap Day, wouldn't it be AWESOME if we hit the 500 mark on Facebook today?  I am itchin' to get this giveaway in motion!

Here's a card that I made in 2009 - not for Leap Day, obviously, but it works today, doesn't it?  :D

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