Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Getting Credit...

It happened again - I had another "I had to have it!" moment.  

You may be thinking to yourself, "SHEESH!  This lady has these moments every day, it seems!".  Well, almost every day.  :D

Actually, I've been pretty good so far this year!  But a couple of weeks ago, as I was perusing my Ephemera Daily newspaper that I created, there was a "headline" for an item that I had to investigate further.

Before I get to that, a little more about my Ephemera Daily.  Have you discovered yet?  It's very interesting - it's a Web site where you can create your own daily "newspaper".  I discovered it through Twitter, where it seems to be the most popular.  I had been featured in several of these papers myself (the most recent paper was called the Cocktail Daily and they featured my "Cocktail Time!" post) so I thought I'd give it a go.  Voila!  The Ephemera Daily was born!  :D

Okay, back to the "headline" - it was for these Ration Deposit Slips in a pack of 20.  Being a lover of any type of WWII-era ration ephemera, I HAD to have these.

Can you blame me?  Take a look at these beauts!  All 20 of mine are dated 1943 and I have several types:  roasted coffee credits, processed food credits and meat-fats-fish-cheese credits.  They're all from the Burlington State Bank out of Burlington, Indiana.  Most of them say the account was held at Chew's Regal Stores in Burlington.  Here's a great PDF explaining the process of ration banking but the gist of it is that commercial banks took over the accounting function of rations coming in from all of the different stores.  Prior to this, there were different ration boards across the U.S. that were manned mainly by volunteers.  When it became apparent that the job was too big, the commercial banks took over.  Imagine the paperwork involved - you're only seeing a small portion of it here!

These vintage slips embody so many of the things I love:  rations, official-looking bank slips, and grocery store ephemera.  Because they came in a lot of 20 I can create collages from them and still have enough left over to collect.  It's a win-win situation!  :D

I just got these in the mail on Saturday so I haven't gotten to create with them yet.  But here are a few more pieces I've done using the oh-so-versatile ration ephemera:

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