Monday, February 6, 2012

Cocktail Time!

Have you noticed the abundance of new flavored liquours lately?  It seems like every week there's another new concoction announced.  Not that I'm complaining, mind you - in fact, I'm quite taken with two newer ones: Rumchata, which tastes like a liquid cinnamon bun and made right in Milwaukee, and St. Germain, which is an elderflower liquour from France.  Both are equally delish for very different reasons!

I live in Wisconsin, which, you may know already, REALLY likes its al-kee-hol.  We're champion drinkers here and I think much of it has to do with a strong German contingent (for beer, anyway) and long winters (for everything else).  We're a state that actually makes a lot of what we drink, which doesn't hurt.

Around here, though (at least in Northeastern Wisconsin), we don't really have cocktail parties, per se.  At least, that's not what we call them.  We call them get-togethers (no meal, only appetizers) or dinner parties (for a sit-down dinner); both include alcohol, of course!  I'm generalizing here, but the overall attitude in these parts definitely veers toward the unstuffy.  Maybe "cocktail party" sounds like you have to dress up, something else that doesn't fly around here.

Oh, but I love these two items, once again so generously given to me by my friend Robin (I should start a new blog called "Robin's Gifts"!).  How's this for a "duh" moment - I was wondering why on Earth there'd be a rooster on a napkin with drinks?  Well slap my forehead and call me Shirley - I never put cocktail and cock-tail together!  Then I thought, how did THAT happen?  Leave it to The Straight Dope to answer my question:

"A similar theory claims that leftover liquors from drinks served were dumped into a ceramic container shaped like a rooster, and you could get cheap drinks from a tap set in the tail of the rooster; hence these drinks were called "cock's tail."

Well, whaddya know!  :D  The other wonderful item is this never-opened pack of six invitations, which I'm going to guess are from the forties, based on the attire and fonts.  Even the "Golden Bell" logo is perfect!

Anyhoo, I also enjoy using cocktail ephemera in my artwork - lord knows we have enough of it here!  :D

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