Monday, January 16, 2012

Reuniting with Ephemera

When I'm on the hunt for "new" (to me!) ephemera, I usually look for items with bold graphics that are small enough to store easily.  If it's tiny, even better - I love tiny things!

This item is wonderful, isn't it?  It's in pristine condition, which always fascinates me.  It's probably close to 60 years old and I always wonder how it is that a paper artifact could so beautifully withstand the test of time.  When I purchased this item at Assemblage Studio in De Pere (Wisconsin), I remember thinking that I'd never use it in my art, because it's much larger than I normally use in my work and very heavy cardboard.  If you notice, the piece is scored so that a shop owner could fashion it into a scoop!  That's another wonderful thing about it - it still lay flat!  My guess is that a bunch of these were in a box somewhere, dormant until just a few years ago.  When I brought it home, I placed it in my Sterilite box of vintage packaging until I could figure out what to do with it.

Flash forward to this past Saturday evening - Brian and I were invited to a dinner party at our friend Sally's house.  It was a lovely affair, with delicious food, good company and sparkling conversation.  I had never been to her house before so she took me and some others on a tour of her home, which had recently been remodeled.  She has dubbed one of her bathrooms the "cranberry bathroom", because it's decorated entirely with cranberry-related items.  Sally explained that her dad owned a cranberry bog in Tomah (western Wisconsin) when she was growing up and has such fond memories of her childhood and the bog.  It is very apparent, when speaking with her, that this is true; her eyes just light up whenever one mentions cranberries.

After dinner a few of us were hanging out in the kitchen.  I noticed some old crates that Sally (our friend) had displayed.  As she was explaining how much she loved them I said, "Oh!  They're "Eatmor" boxes!  I have an old scoop from that company!"

Sally blanched and gave me a look of disbelief.  At first I thought maybe I had said something wrong but she said, still incredulous, that Eatmor was her dad's company that he started to be in direct competition with Ocean Spray.  She said she had never met anyone who had even heard of Eatmor, much less owned anything with its logo!  What are the odds of this happening??

When I heard this, I knew instantly that this scoop had found its rightful owner!  This is what it's all about, dear readers - connecting with ephemera.  THIS is the main reason I love what I love!  It makes me so happy that I could reunite someone with ephemera that means so much to them, yet they didn't even knew existed.  A piece that I bought purely for the colors and graphics will now be in the home of the daughter of the company.  My week is complete.  :)


  1. A wonderful story and I so relate!! I got a mysterious box of postcards at an auction and ended up sending them to the ancestors. It's a neat story. You can find out about it here:

    1. Oh my goodness! How very wonderful! See, this is what it's all about. :D

  2. Wonderful story, Mel! I'll have to keep my eyes open for Eatmor :D