Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lithuanian Ephemera!

I have the BEST friends!  I swear I have chosen the kindest, most thoughtful people to have as my guides in this life.  Just how thoughtful are these wonderful souls?

I've got plenty of answers for that question, but today I'm going to single out my friend Elise.  :D

I've known Elise for ten years now - we met because we were in the same musical ("Cole") for Fond du Lac Community Theatre.  I knew we'd be lifelong friends even then - we have very similar personalities and outlooks on life.  Sadly, for the majority of our friendship she has lived in Tennessee, so I see her only about three times a year (actually, as crazy as most of our lives are, I probably see her more than some of my local friends!).  She was only 17 when we were in the play together but in the last ten years she has graduated college with a degree in vocal performance (emphasis: opera), met and married her soul mate and is now a mom to two of the cutest little girls you've ever seen.  A lot can happen in a decade! :D  Incidentally, I'm also very good friends with Elise's mom Julie, who is the super-generous benefactor of these marvelous cabinet cards.  Actually, the whole Thelen family is wonderful!  :D

I was able to see Elise over the holidays and we had one of our marathon chats at the local Starbucks.  We did a little exchanging of ephemera that day - I gave her a bulging envelope filled with Campbell's Soup labels, and she in turn gave me this:


See what I mean by thoughtful?  She sent away for some amber teething beads for her youngest smoosher (apparently Lithuania is a hotbed for Baltic amber!) and she thought I would like the envelope!

WOULD I?!?!  It's got all of the wonderful things any Ephemeraologist could ever want on an envelope - a foreign "priority" label, a cool postmark, a Lithuanian barcode, a neat customs label - even the envelope itself is in Lithuanian!  It's perfect!

I know I'll be using almost every last snippet of this envelope - it'll be unrecognizable when I'm through with it.  And because of Elise's thoughtfulness, it's one less (awesome) item for the recycling bin!  Thank you again, Elise - I love it!  :D

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