Friday, January 27, 2012

Household Labels

For as long as I can remember, I've been enamored of labels and stickers.  If they're tiny stickers, even better! I've talked about Columbia House LP stickers, fruit stickers and awards stickers but somehow haven't done a post about some of my favorite ephemera - these household labels!

Oh, how I love these!!  The bigger booklet was my discovery - I was scanning a booth at the Fox River Antique Mall and the slightest amount of this booklet was peeking out from under a pile of children's books.  I saw that glorious font and knew I had to investigate further - you know that feeling, Ephemeraologists.  :D

I couldn't believe it!  As you can see most of it is intact.  As with all gummed labels there is that danger of 60 years of basement dwelling wreaking havoc, causing pages of labels to stick together.  And yes, there is a tiny bit of that here.  But who cares?  It's page after page of beautifully lithographed labels for ID, canning, name it.  I love that I can choose between that gorgeous red and that dreamy blue, too.  This booklet cost me eight bucks (which is pretty steep for me) but it's worth every penny.

Then there's this little beauty.  I'll give you three guesses where this wonderful item came from - if you guessed my friend Robin, you'd be right!  This tiny book was included in a box crammed full of amazing items, and it was one of my favorite things in the box.  It's very similar to the larger booklet, with its beautiful red labels and gorgeous fonts.  The sheer size of it makes it highly prized to me but when an item like this is useful to boot, it just plain makes me happy.  :)

We probably will never see booklets like this ever again.  Why would we, when it's so easy to either print templates out online (saving the company oodles of money), designing our own with printable label sheets, or using a local print shop?

While these are in my possession, though, I will continue to use them in my art work.  They are so very versatile and those colors always add a nice *POP* to my collages.