Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Birthday, Adeline!

Monday, January 30.  My brain was not cooperating with me this morning.  In a room FULL (embarrassingly so) of ephemera, I just couldn't think of a thing to write about today.....

Until I scrolled through my news feed and found this status update from my friend Alyce:

Happy Birthday, Mom.♥♥♥ Missing you.♥♥♥

That's it!  A tribute to Adeline.  :)

Let's flash back to last September - I was at our monthly ATC live trade, this one held at the Greendale Public Library. My friend Alyce found me and gave me this envelope with some tiny photos and other goodies.  Alyce had been cleaning her mom's place because she had passed away a few months before that.  The task had been rough on Alyce; anyone who's been through a death in their family knows how difficult the cleaning/dispersement of personal effects can be.  

So imagine how touched I was when I was the recipient of some of Adeline's things!  They're all so neat but I really love this old savings passbook.  This is one of those little niceties that is going the way of the horse & buggy - most everyone does their banking online now (me included).  As you can see, it's from Farmers State Bank in Valparaiso, Indiana.  Adeline was quite the saver!  Seventy-five bucks was nothing to sneeze at 60 years ago (HOW is it possible that 1952 is SIXTY years ago?!?).

This newspaper snippet was saved because one of Adeline's friends got married.  The newspaper is dated August 29, 1956, which would've made Adeline about 26.  Such a joyous time in one's life, when your good friends get married!   I would imagine it was especially so back then,when that was just the natural progression after college.  

I will admit that I have NO idea who's in the photos.  I don't think Alyce did, either!  But look at how much fun they're having.  There's something so comforting about seeing old photos with people having fun.  It reminds me that my generation didn't invent frivolity (be honest - EVERYONE thinks that their generation was the first in the history of mankind to have invented the "good time" - no one could do it like you could, right?).

Thank you, Alyce, for entrusting me with some of your mom's things.  I love them!  Maybe she's able to read this blog post on that huge Monitor in the Sky.  If she can, I'm sure she's having a wonderful time strolling down memory lane, and missing you as much as you miss her today.  :)


  1. Thank you, Mel. You touched my heart with your post today.

    1. Oh Alyce, I'm so glad! I know today has to be a hard one. I wish you peace today.