Friday, January 6, 2012

Get Organized....

Oh boy.  If there were ever a New Year's resolution I should make, this is it.  I certainly have a problem in this department!

Now, I'm not quite at the "Hoarders" stage just yet but left to my own devices - one never knows.  :D

Please tell me I'm not alone!  Do any of you, my dear readers, have a problem with storage and/or putting things back in their proper place?

The way I look at it there are a couple of issues at play here.  The first:  if you couldn't tell already, I am horribly sentimental.  I have a hard time tossing anything with which I have an emotional connection.  What does that mean?  Well, if someone gives me a magazine subscription, for example, I find it difficult to recycle any of those issues because it was a gift from someone special.  So I keep them until I'm finally in one of my cleaning moods and detached enough to toss 'em.  I have to take advantage of those days because they're rare and I never know when they're going to come on.

Secondly, I am of the mindset that "I may need that one day!".  I have held on to the most minute of scraps, just because it could look perfect in that certain collage.  Really?  If I still have it six years later, and that collage hasn't materialized yet, shouldn't that be a sign that it's probably not going to happen?  It should be, but it happens more often than I care to admit.

The third reason is hard to admit - I'm kind of lazy.  :)  I just don't want to take the extra two minutes it would take to put the dang whatever-it-is away.  Honestly, this is embarrassing.  Maybe by admitting it here, it will be an impetus to change.  Here's hoping!  :D

Brian and I decided this past weekend that we're going to do some remodeling in our house - namely, my studio will now be upstairs and Brian's photography studio will now take the place of my former studio downstairs.  This is a MAJOR project.  It's going to take a lot of work and a LOT of organizing.  I'm already dreading the task, but the end result will be totally worth it.  Wish us luck!

Speaking of organizing, don't you just love these old Popular Mechanics magazines?  I love all of the old DIY projects.  Like I mentioned on Monday, I think we enjoy improving our lives and our spaces.  To do these things ourselves gives us such a can-do sense of accomplishment!  Thankfully, I have my unbelievably talented father in-law to do these projects for us.  It may not give me a sense of accomplishment, but check out what he made for me!  Am I lucky or WHAT?  :D

I have NO excuse not to be organized!  Onward and upward!  :D

Here's an ATC I made with much of the ephemera I'd forgotten I had after a good cleaning.  I need to do this more often!  :D


  1. This is the year, Mel! We'll get organized! Really!

  2. Okay, Carolyn! Let's do it! I mean it! :D

  3. Sad but true, when I think about throwing out anything made of paper I wonder "could Mel find a way to use this in a project?"

  4. You sounded like you were describing me! It's my goal this year too, so maybe we can encourage each other. My new things is to say, just because ( it's cute, my mom gave it to me, etc etc) it doesn't mean I have to keep it! We'll see if this helps.

  5. I too, keep stuff, but it boils down to keeping the *right stuff, and constantly being willing to pare things down. I keep a large box in a back closet for donation trucks, which come around about once a month. That gives me a place to set an item and think about it before it leaves. As it happens, I hardly ever take back out of the box, and the reward is that I have freed up some space. Paralyzed Vets, Leukemia Lymphoma Society, CCA, all have email lists you can get on, and it's easy as a click of the mouse to tell them "yes" or "not at this time!" I know it helps me stay on track! ;)

  6. Ah, organization. I keep trying to be organized...really I do! Maybe this is the year!