Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Note from Mel:  This is the third in a series about "Resolutions".  I'll be writing posts in the series all week.

"Tumbling for you" ATC

Remember when you were a kid and you couldn't sit still?  That was me, anyway.  I remember my dad telling me not to fidget at the supper table and finding it impossible not to.  We grew up in an apartment, so there was no running or jumping inside, either.

What happened?  Somewhere around the age of ten I became quite sedentary, which was probably due to my interests.  I would still build forts with blankets and the picnic table but I'd bring my whole dollhouse in there with me.  :D  Because I associated reading with school, I didn't like doing it at home - I watched TV instead (I didn't have the attention span for reading, anyway).

I was a total stick, up until the age of 25.  Then my metabolism caught up with me and, combined with my pack-a-day cigarette habit and Big Mac addiction, I went from a size 6 or 7 to a size 9 almost overnight. I never exercised, either.

Up until last May, if someone or something wasn't pushing me to do so, I would rarely exercise.  Oh, I would go in spurts where I'd use the treadmill but it would only last about a month at a time.  I love walking but it's just the getting started that trips me up.

Enter Dudley!  This little guy LOVES his "walkies".  In fact, he drives me INSANE if he doesn't get to go (he's only missed one or two days since we got him on May 30 of last year).  Because he needs to be walked, and I love him so, that is my motivation. I have to get out there and do it, whether it's 80 degrees or ten.  It makes him so happy; how could I refuse?  :D

I know I'm in good company when it comes to the whole motivation/exercise thing.  Check out these 99 year-old book pages - aren't they wonderful?  Once again, these came in a lot of ephemera courtesy of my friend Robin.  Calisthenics must've been almost avant garde to folks in the early part of last century - and who, besides the burgeoning leisure class, had time for that nonsense?  Most men and women 100 years ago didn't need "exercise" - life on the farm was their exercise.  If they could've traveled through time, don't you think most people would have found it hilarious that we get in our "horseless carriages" and drive to a specific place just to exercise?

Hardly any of us do any manual labor for our livelihood anymore, and it shows.  Most of us really have to work at staying fit.  The older I get, the more I am aware how much good that daily walk does (for me, anyway).  I always feel better afterward.  And Dudley's happy too.  :D

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