Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What a WASTE!

Well, it's the Tuesday after a Sunday Christmas, and for most folks that means that it's time to head back to work.  It's always nice to have that day after Christmas to unwind, isn't it?  Too bad we don't celebrate Boxing Day, or we could have that every year!

How did you spend yesterday?  Did you use the time to clean up?  Can you believe the amount of waste that comes from our festivities?

No, this is not going to be a preachy post.  I think we all do a double take when we're done opening gifts, at least for a second, and think, "Dang!  If only there were a way we could reuse all of that wrapping paper!"

Last Christmas Eve, I wrote a post about using that wrapping paper to make collages.  I still love rescuing the used paper for this purpose; there is so much great design out there that it's easy to visualize using it for art work.  But this year, I tried something different with the scraps:

I made paper!  I call this piece "Candy Cane" because to of the peppermint bark-y quality about it (it's redder than it looks in the photo).  This paper was made with scraps of wrapping paper and recycled Christmas card envelopes.  

Thank goodness my family knows me well, because they didn't even bat an eye when I took the used wrapping paper home (my mom, sister and I have also been known to carefully remove the particularly beautiful paper from our gifts to each other and save it for later).  :D

I don't know yet what will become of this sheet.  I'm trying to make all different colors so that I have an arsenal when I do torn-paper collages.  But I do feel good knowing that there will be just a little less paper in our recycling bin this year - and I had a BLAST in the process!


  1. How do you make your paper? I have so much paper and would live to use it this way. Thanks. And isn't it great we got paper this year! :)

  2. Hi Bev! I use the Arnold Grummer PRO kit. It's got everything you need and the contents are very well made. I love it! :D Here's the link to the kit I use: http://bit.ly/tVBxnC

    Yes, it's WONDERFUL that we got paper this year! Here's to more in the future! :D

  3. Thanks! I have been saving paper scraps from card making etc etc for a long time. I am ordering today. This is exactly what I've been looking for so I'm so thankful you shared. Can't wait to show you my first piece of paper.

  4. Oh! That's so fun, Bev! :D I know you'll enjoy it. The process is as much fun as the product! :D