Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Season's Greetings

Oh, I'm BAD.  This is the second year now that I haven't written any Christmas cards.  How about you?  Do you still take the time to send them?

I used to be so good about sending out cards, too - I have a drawer full of half-used boxes to prove it (well, we can't have the same card sent two years in a row, can we?).  I would send out about 20 every year and I actually enjoyed the process.  These days, though, it just seems like December is three days long and before I can catch my breath, it's gone.

Let's not discount social media for my lax attitude!  It used to be that I'd send out cards to friends of mine that I hadn't seen all year.  Now, I can see what they're doing on any given day and there's a false sense of next-door-neighbor closeness that may explain why I don't find it as necessary as in the past.

But there is something so nice about giving and receiving Christmas cards, isn't there?  These days, the photo card seems to be de rigeur.  In fact, we've only gotten two cards so far and both are photo cards!  If you have kids, especially, it's a wonderful gauge of how big they've gotten over the year.  Personally, I'm a big fan of artsy cards (for sending) and humorous cards (for getting).  My friends Pegster and Vickster would always send the best cards.  I still have them.  :D

Check out THESE cards!  I've never seen anything like them.  They're from the Gibson Greetings, which was founded in 1895 but has since become a subsidiary of American Greetings.  These were bestowed to me by my wonderful benefactor, Robin - Robin is the kind of person for whom glorious ephemera seems to follow her wherever she goes, and she is very generous in her dispersal.  I think these cards are proof of that!  I would love to know how much this set cost new - maybe two dollars? That would put it at around $25.00 today.  I'm going to guess that they're from around the early Thirties.  They're SO Art Deco!  So stylish!!  And the packaging is as marvelous as the cards themselves!

Almost exactly three years ago, I made this ATC - the wording is all from an old Christmas card.  I ADORE that font - so beautifully Thirties.  :D  And yes, that is real US currency!  :D

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