Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nothin' but 'Net

Here's a fun item that, VERY fortunately, predates me by about 20 years - hairnets!

Oh, sure, some poor souls in food service still have to wear them (for which I'm very grateful), but as far as keeping our hairstyles intact we've got an arsenal of hair sprays to take care of that!

I love the two nets, pictured above - there is probably about 40 years' difference between the two, and they're both quite telling of their age!  The one on the left states that it's "bouffant size", which is marvleous.  I'm going to put this one at about 1968.  Another great thing about it is that it's made in Formosa, which we now call Taiwan.  I learned something today!  The one on the right says that it's a "special size for Bob Hair" - shocking!  And it's made of REAL hair, which is sort of creepy to me (yes, it's in the envelope).  Judging by the illustration, which is so gorgeous and stylized, I'm guessing this is from about 1923-ish.

One of my favorite hairnet anecdotes comes from the movie, "O Brother, Where art Thou?".  In the movie Everett McGill, played by George Clooney, is quite particular about his hair and, even though he's a fugitive, sleeps with hairnet if at all possible.  He's so hair-conscious that, upon waking suddenly, he mutters, "Myhair!"

For most of the hairnets in my collection, the packaging is typically more interesting than the hairnets themselves. But check out THIS hairnet - it's bejeweled!  I bought two of them so that I can use one - wouldn't it be cool as an overlay on a collage?  I'll have to think about how to utilize it!

At some point I'll also use the ladies on the packaging - they're the perfect size for my artwork!

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  1. I have actually been looking for a good, stay-put hairnet or sleeping cap! I have long hair and don't like to wash it every day, and it helps keep it cleaner and tangle free to wrap it up at night. I guess for me it's one of those things from the past that I'm trying to keep around. :-)

  2. Amy, I've seen your lovely hair in your profile pic - LUCKY! My hair would be "pffft" if I didn't wash it every day - it's so fine and straight.

  3. Hee-hee, I love the hairnets, Mel. Those are good finds! As a "lunch lady", I have to wear one. I wish I could find a nice, fancy bejeweled one! Then I could feel glamorous at work!