Thursday, December 1, 2011

Love it or Hate it.....

When it comes to egg nog, there is no in-between.  :D

So, which side would you take?  Personally, I LOVE it.  My sister Jen?  Not so much.  Which suited me just fine, growing up - more for me!  :D

I can totally understand why it wouldn't appeal to some folks - the dairy kind is oddly colored and is reminiscent of buttermilk.  It's so rich that more than a juice glass might send one into a diabetic coma.  It's so thick that one can certainly imagine what it's doing to one's arteries the minute it's ingested.

With all the information to the contrary, I still love it.  It smells like Christmas.  Put a little nutmeg on top and it's the holidays in a cup.  For me, the nostalgia factor is through the roof.

Which is why, on a ridiculously hot day in July, I was thrilled when my friend Linda Stuelke brought out a HUGE roll of this packaging and offered me a part of it!

This is one of those items that's so unusual, so late-60s/early 70s (I'm guessing) and SO cool, it makes me do my ephemera happy dance.  THIS is the epitome of ephemera - one of those items that, for folks who don't "get it", would illicit a "now why on Earth would anyone keep this?"-type response.

We were all busy in workshops at Kim Geiser's Inspire my Life retreat when Linda brought out the roll.  I wasn't the only one who squealed when we saw it!  It was then that I knew I was among friends.

I wasn't quite sure what it was at first, but then I realized that it's unsewn/pre-assembled eggnog mix packets!  I imagine that there'd be a machine to cut the desired length, another to fold and sew or glue the packet, and a final one to fill and seal the packet.

I LOVE that it includes the A&P logo!!!!  That's a major bonus for this mid-century supermarket-loving gal.  :D

I haven't used it yet, but 'tis the season!  I think I have to, and soon.  When I make something with it I'll be sure to post it either here or on the Facebook page!

Happy December 1, everyone!


  1. I love eggnog. I just feel so guilty about drinking it because of the fat and calories! I wish it came in cartons smaller than a quart (that's the smallest we can get here). Instant eggnog would probably suffice though!

  2. I know, Amy! Same here (for the size). When we drink it we either fill half a juice glass (and buy the "low-fat kind) or we put a little in our coffee, like creamer. It's DELISH that way. :D