Thursday, December 29, 2011

Booze Year's Eve

I'm going to echo a sentiment that I'm sure you've heard a thousand times this week, and one that we hear a thousand times every year at this time:  WHERE did the year go?!  Yet here we are once again, ushering in a new one.  Twenty-twelve sounds so futuristic, doesn't it?

Only two days until New Year's Eve!  Are you the type that whoops it up, or are you in bed by 11?  Or perhaps you did whoop it up back in the day and are now in bed by 11 (that's about where we are).  Do you go out, or stay in?  Are you bar people or do you party at someone's house?

My first husband and I tried the bar scene ONE year.  That's all it took for me to realize that it's "Amateur Night" and far too ridiculous to try again.  The bar where we celebrated was PACKED and even though it was where we normally hung out, none of the regulars were there (they were smart).  Nowadays Brian and I normally go to a late dinner with friends and wind up at one of our homes.  We watch the ball drop on TV and it's pretty low-key.  This year we're going to a house party hosted by our dear friends and it's going to be nice and laid back.

But that's not to say there won't be fun seasonal drinks!  I love this time of year because I LOVE a good Champagne (sorry - "sparkling wine") cocktail.  But think about all of the other wintertime drinks - hot toddys, hot buttered rum, Tom & Jerrys, egg nog.....

I love these handy bar guides, don't you?  They all contain recipes for "party punches" but this one in particular is all about the aforementioned holiday drinks.  There are also recipes for foods made with the alcohol, like White Christmas Fruit Cake (why bother?).  :D

I hope you all have a wonderful, festive, SAFE New Year's Eve.  I'll be back with one more post before the new year but I'll leave you with an ATC I did a while back celebrating my favorite drink:

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