Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"Be Thankful you Can See"

Isn't it interesting how causes come and go?  In my mom's youth it was all about polio.  The causes I remember the most are "It's a Matter of Life and Breath" (American Lung Association), "Give a Hoot - Don't Pollute" and "Only you Can Prevent Forest Fires" (both of the National Forest Service).

These cinderella stamps with the "Be Thankful you Can See" slogan pre-date me by 10-20 years, although I do remember some from the National Federation of the Blind or local chapters of the Association of the Blind from my childhood.

Never in my wildest dreams, however, did I ever imagine that blindness would affect someone in my family.  Unfortunately, this is now the case.

Back in July, my 12 year-old niece Mia was diagnosed with Stargardt's Disease, a rapidly degenerative eye condition.  It typically affects kids between the ages of six and twelve.  It's an inherited disease, whereby both parents have to have a recessive gene for it to occur.  Essentially, it is juvenile macular degeneration.  Mia will never be able to drive and she has special equipment that she uses to help her see, especially in school.  On the positive side, she will always be able to see light and her peripheral vision is intact.

Once the initial shock wore off, I was able to be grateful that her condition didn't plummet her into total darkness.  Are things going to be more difficult for Mia?  Yes.  Are things going to be impossible for her?  Never!  Mia is one tough girl.  She has got some moxie!  We could all take a lesson from her in how to roll with the punches.  I'm sure she gets sad about her condition but I have absolutely NO doubt that she is going to not only succeed, but truly make something of herself.  I am SO proud of her, as are we all!  :D

This post does, however, come with instructions today.  :D  My brother in-law Rick and my husby Brian's company,, is hosting a challenge on their Facebook page going on now through Friday - the winner of the contest gets $100 for the charity of their choice.  So if you would be so kind as to follow these simple steps, we could very well raise the $100 for Foundation Fighting Blindness, a cause very near and dear to my and my family's heart.  Okay!  Here's what you do:

1.  Head on over to's Facebook page and "like" it (if you haven't done so already)
2.  Once you're done with that, read this post and "like" the comment from Jennifer Jones Zutter (my awesome sister!) about the Foundation Fighting Blindness.  I am happy to report that we are currently in the lead, but not by much!

That's all you have to do!  Easy peasy.  :D

It's too bad that we really don't have cinderella stamps for causes anymore, because I do believe they did their part to raise awareness for certain issues.  But we do have this glorious thing called the Internet, and I am so grateful that I can use my blog as a platform when it's warranted.  Thank you so much for indulging me today, and a BIG thank you to for hosting this contest!  I love you guys!  :D

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