Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Shoe-in for Fun Ephemera!

Brian and I were doing some light cleaning this weekend and he decided to throw out the shoe boxes he'd been keeping for, well, I don't know what, exactly.  :D  But when he opened them up, I got all excited in the way that only an Ephemeraologist would be excited -

These tissues!

I've proclaimed my love of commercially printed tissues before, but didn't really expound on the ones with logos.  I'm building quite a nice collection now, thanks to these babies!

It's true what they say - "Little things mean a lot."  It is the little things that make something fun.  I love it when a company goes the extra mile and prints out their logo on tissue - they certainly wouldn't have to, since it's already emblazoned on the box.  But they did, and we Ephemeraologists are richer for it.

The oldest tissue I have in this particular collection has to be the woodgrain-printed sheet.  I got this in a lot of other ephemera and I can't remember where.  I don't have much of it so I'm saving it for the perfect project.

I just did a search on Ebay and WOWZERS! I'm going to make sure that I keep at least a little swatch of each of these - some of the vintage tissue lots are going for as much as 40 BUCKS!

Nevertheless, I'm not going to not use it.  It's so much fun when a project need that extra something, and the tissue paper comes through and finishes it for you.  I LOVE that.  :D

Made with the "deluxe" tissue from a
watch crystal box

"Consensus" ATC made with tissue
from a shirt box


  1. You are a dork Mel but your ATCs are so good!

  2. I'm going to take that as a compliment, Patty. Thanks! :D