Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Magazine Addiction

Help!  I'm drowning!

I am drowning in a sea of periodicals!!!  Does anyone else have this problem?  Please tell me I'm not the only one!

I ADORE magazines.  I do.  It's an affliction that has plagued me since I've been old enough (as an adult) to have lived at an address for longer than 9 months.  I come by it naturally - my mom and sister Jen are also afficionados.  I would love/shudder to see our combined stacks of monthly (or in some cases, weekly) reading material; Brian and I subscribe to 6 magazines alone.

I'm going to stop you before you tell me that the Kindle/Nook/other reader has downloadable versions of my magazines.  I don't care.  I'm going to kick it old school until it's no longer a possibility and then I'm going to go down kicking and screaming.  I tried a digital magazine once and I hated it - I want the paper in front of me.

You would think that our six magazine subscriptions would be enough to sate my desire but oh, no - there are always new titles to entice voracious readers such as myself.  Some of them are expensive enough that I'm only going to pick them up once a year (case in point - the New American Paintings mag in the photo above - it's 20 bucks an issue!).  But the ideas and inspiration contained therein are worth the price.

Still, it KILLS me to see the magazines being recycled.  I give my old copies of Entertainment Weekly to my sister, so they at least have one more round.  I have dumped oodles of old magazines off at our Senior Center and elementary schools - they always use them for projects.  But then again, so do I!

I have mentioned magazines in at least 45 blog posts (I checked this morning).  Clearly, they're always on my mind and a major part of my life so it's not like I'm going to stop receiving them anytime soon.  That's when the cutting starts.

I have used countless old magazines in my art work - the colors are gorgeous and glossy (I'm not even talking about my ridiculously huge collection of vintage magazines here - just the ones from about 2003 on).  They're great for abstracts or for "painting", when you need just the right color for a project but you don't want to go out and buy paper.  You don't need to!  You have a veritable palette right in front of you when you have old magazines!  Case in point:

This collage was made in large part with an old tomato sauce ad.  I'm serious!  Much of the red from the leaves was thanks to that one ad.

This pendant was made with nothing but my old Real Simple magazines, my shredding scissors and some tiny rub-on tranfers (the numbers).  See what I mean about being perfect for abstracts?  :D

Here is one of the very first ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) I ever made.  Again, it's made entirely of torn-up and cut-up magazine pages.  Thankfully, my photography (and collaging!) skills have come a long way since then.  Oh, and did I mention I adore autumn leaves?  :D

The next time you're sitting on a pile of old magazines that you love but that you're also ready to chuck, think about donating them to an artist that you know.  Or if you're an artist yourself, hopefully this post gave you some collage fodder to ponder!   


  1. As for me, I quit all magazines a couple of years ago, and now my kids get NatGeo. That is it. I do have some old ones though, from the 50s. Those are my favs.
    And I adore autumn leaves too...

  2. I admire your willpower, Jill! :D Maybe someday...NAH. :D

  3. I love magazines too Mel! I drop mine off at laundromats. I remember years ago when I had to do laundry in those places and there was always the one old Readers Digest to read.

  4. You're not the only one! I love when my local library gets rid of their old ones and puts them on the "free" table! Nat Geo's are a treasure trove of images, and I also really love Birds and Blooms - lotsa flowers and birdie images!