Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Like a Rhinestone Cowboy....

I heard something recently and I had two realizations: one, I'm getting old.  :D  The other realization shouldn't be shocking but somehow it always is - other people get old too!

I'm referring to the news that Glen Campbell is embarking on a Farewell Tour, and the reason is a sad one - he's recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

This is the part where I said to myself, "What?!  That can't be!  He's got to be only, what, in his 50s?"  But then I started thinking about it - "Rhinestone Cowboy" came out in 1974, when I was in kindergarten.  "Southern Nights", the song of his that I remember most, followed three years later.  And this was near the end of his major stardom!  So instead of guessing, I looked it up and good heavens - Glen is 75!  That just boggled my mind.

I'm writing this post today because Glen will be honored with a tribute tonight on the CMA Awards.  No doubt "Gentle on my Mind", "Wichita Lineman", "By the Time I get to Phoenix" and the aforementioned two will be just some of the songs that will be resurrected tonight.

I'm not a country music fan at all, but Glen's music had crossover appeal.  "Rhinestone Cowboy" happens to be one of my earliest musical memories.  I remember singing it with my best friend Jodie in her basement - we may have even made up dance moves to it.  It's also responsible for my first misheard lyric; the part that goes, "And offers comin' over the phone", to me sounded like, "And old folks comin' over at home".  Made sense to me when I was five...  :D

Recently, my wonderful friend Alyce graced me with this pile of sheet music and (kismet time!) a couple of them feature Glen Campbell!  Both pieces are songs I've never heard before, but one is from 1968 and the other from 1970 - and that's how I remember Glen, with his groovy side-part and his hip turtleneck/suit combo.


  1. I recently saw him on some show and was shocked to see how old he looked. I thought about the sheet music and wondered how it feels to be a celebrity who is way past their prime and to see themselves on television when they were young and in their prime.

  2. I've often wondered the same thing, Alyce! It must be nostalgic, tinged with sadness, and topped off with (hopefully) good memories. :D