Monday, November 14, 2011

In a Flash!

Quick!  What's 9X7?

As I was writing this, I almost said "72", but caught myself.  It's 63!  I always got mixed up on the 9-times portion of the multiplication tables.  Maybe if I would've studied my flash cards more I would have these down pat.

Ah, flash cards!  Now there's a blast from the past!  How many of you had to use flash cards as a kid?  I distinctly remember using the aforementioned math cards in 2nd grade and I believe we also used them for English or spelling, but I never had a problem with those subjects so it's not as ingrained in my brain.

According to Wikipedia, flash cards utilize the mental process called active recall, whereby one produces an answer when given the question.  Given that I'm not so good under pressure (which is why I had to take my driving test EIGHT times before I passed), I'm pretty certain that flash cards didn't work for me.  I tend to blank out when forced to answer quickly, unless I know the subject material like the back of my hand.  Too bad they didn't test us on music trivia!  :D

I have quite a collection of flash cards and find them fascinating, even if they don't always work for me.  I love the little math ones especially, and the foreign language ones are neato.  I also love the ASL flash cards and the picture ones too!

These cards lend themselves perfectly for ATCs and collages!  Here are some that I've done using flash cards:

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  1. I totally remember flash cards for math! Learning those darned times tables. Guess I never thought about them being used in other countries but why wouldn't they? The ones from the other countries look so much cooler than ours. Cool ATCs! 8 times to get your drivers license???? yikes