Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Love these Little Guys!

Every once in a while we Ephemeraologists come across an item that is so vintage and so cute, we just have to have it.

That happened for me when I saw these little things!

I stumbled upon these lovelies during one of my jaunts to the Fox Valley Antique Mall a few years back.  They came in the pack of three and I believe I paid 2 bucks for the entire thing.  I didn't exactly know what they were at first but then I surmised that they were used for rewarding piano students for a particular part of a piece that may have proved to be difficult.  The stickers themselves are really tiny - about a half-inch square!  :D

In looking around on the Internet I notice that they're not quite as rare as I had previously thought - and they're still made!  You can get one of these little booklet with 80 labels for only a dollar!  

As you can see I have the choir boy, puppy and Schubert stickers.  Judging by this Etsy listing (that sold, darn it!), many other composers were also available.  There's a great blog called Dave's Vintage Stuff and he also talks about these, but I believe he's off by a couple of decades when he says they're from the 70s.  Judging by the fonts used and the silhouette on the front, I'm going to put these in the 40s or 50s, unless it's one of those products whose look never changes.

Although many of my stickers have been bonded together by time and humidity, I have managed to use them in my art work.

See Herr Schubert hanging out by the giant "7"?  :D

This time I just used the "S-15" tiny tag
from the sticker!  :D

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