Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Blew it....

My nose, that is!  :D

If you know me personally, then you know that part of the whole Melster package is me having Kleenex on hand at all times.  I have been an allergy/sinus sufferer for the last 39 years - so basically, ever since I can remember.

Did you catch that?  That I used the word "Kleenex" for tissue?  In my case, I wasn't using it in the generic sense - I actually do use Kleenex brand tissues.  And no, this blog post isn't brought to you by the good people at Kimberly-Clark.  :D

My family have been Kleenex users all of my life and I suspect all of my parents' lives, too (or at least my mom's family).  For one thing, when we here in Wisconsin use Kleenex, we're using a local product - Kimberly-Clark is based right in Neenah, about 30 miles south of Green Bay (in the heart of the paper-making Fox River Valley).  And I really do prefer Kleenex (no, I'm seriously not getting any money from K-C!).  :D

Because it's a brand for which I'm loyal, I really dig these two items in my ephemera collection.  As ironic as it is, these most ephemeral of products won't be used by me, probably ever - unless there is some art project that so requires their use that I'd be compromising the piece's integrity by leaving them out.

Aren't they cool?  I'm going to guess that the Pocket Pack is from the 50s or early 60s.  According to the Web site the Pocket Pack was introduced in 1932, but I think this one's newer than that.  It's funny - the wrapping is more like a wax paper than the stretchy shrink-wrap we're used to today.

I'm going to say with 98% certainty that the Lipstick Tissues are from WWII-era.  How can I be so sure?  Well, check out the back of the matchbox-like package -

the soldier in the Baby Ruth ad is sort of a giveaway. And while we're on the subject, how totally awesome is it that there's another advertisement on the back?  Genius!  That's probably why the price of the tissues was only a penny.  Imagine that!

I hope to find other wonderful Kleenex products in my searches, but I doubt I'll be this lucky, especially in the pricing (the Pocket Pack was 50 cents at my friend Kim's shop and the Lipstick Tissues were 2 bucks, I think).

So tell me - what's YOUR favorite vintage-but-current brand?  :D


  1. Kleenex is all I use! I think since I was a kid as well! I love the lotion ones now!! I did have a fun thing happen when I was in high school. for some reason in our civics class (1976) we had to each name a brand name. Well my last name being "Johnson" I of course said Johnson & Johnson products! We always call a cotton swab a "Q tip". It's funny how we grow up and remember things! I've been on the look out for vintage brands. haven't come up with too many this year.

  2. Ann - you are SO right about the Q-tip! Who calls it a cotton swab? Same thing with Zipper (yep!), Rollerblades, Xerox, Escalator, etc. Fun stuff! :D

  3. And I thought I was the only one who just had to carry tissues with me everywhere! (And yes, I use Kleenex...gotta support the local WI companies!) I am also a sinus allergy sufferer. What a great find - vintage Kleenex! I also call tissues Kleenex, swabs Q-tips, and plastic bandages Band-aids. That's another essential in my purse...Band-aids! I think I have a vintage Band-aid ad somewhere in all my stuff! And I store a lot of my paper imagery in Ziplocs!