Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ephemera for a Good Cause!

I'm a collage artist by profession, so the act of cutting things out of other things is inherently wonderful (it better be, or I'm in big trouble!).  But I'm willing to bet that you all cut items out of other things all the time - especially if you have grade school-aged kids or grand kids or nieces/nephews.

If you live in the United States (or possibly Canada - could one of my Canadian friends confirm?), then you're probably aware of the Labels for Education and Box Tops for Education programs.  The Campbell's Soup program (Labels for Education) has been in place since I was in grade school 35 years ago (EEP!).  Box Tops for Education has been in place for 15 years.  With schools losing so much money due to budget cuts, each one of these little labels is a godsend to the school of your choice, because each one means up to 10 cents.  It may not seem like a lot but when you start gathering them up - WOWZERS.  It makes a big difference!  I currently have over 60 Campbell's labels and about 30 Box Tops (and milk caps - that's another program!), which go to my friends' kids or my niece and nephew.  Imagine if every single person started saving this valuable ephemera!

So today, I want to propose an idea - will you help me out?  I want to gather as many labels and box tops as I can for our less fortunate schools.  If you'd like to join me, send me a message at mel(at)kolstad(dot)net and let me know that you'd like to start cuttin'.  What so great about sending just the labels and box tops is that the postage will cost you probably no more than 64 cents - unless you have a zillion of them, in which case, we'll talk.  :D

So if you find the act of cutting out these tiny squares as enjoyable as I, please join me in helping out our schools.  If you'd rather not send me your labels, that's okay too!  But there are schools all over the country that could use your help - contact your local PTA to find out the participating schools in your area.

Oh, and for the record - this idea is NOT endorsed by either Campbell's or General Mills.  This is just something that I thought of this morning when I looked over at the envelope brimming with that gorgeous red label.  :D

I do love that gorgeous red label - thanks to its brilliance (and Andy Warhol), I've used it a couple of times in my art work!  :D

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  1. I collect the Box Tops for our local High School, otherwise I'd be happy to send them to you. This is a wonderful idea. I hope everyone starts collecting labels and box tops!