Friday, October 21, 2011

Wining (and Dining)

Last night Brian and I had the immense pleasure of attending a wine dinner, which are held every so often at this marvelous restaurant in a little town called Ripon, about 20 miles west of Fond du Lac (the main draw is the wonderful liberal arts school, Ripon College).  The restaurant is simply called America, and it is fine dining at its best.

With the wine dinner, though, diners get the added benefit of a wine sampling between every course (it's a five-course meal).  Last night's fare was incredible - a smoked trout/pesto appetizer; beets and pickled onions with a balsamic glaze for the salad; pumpkin soup with Nueske's bacon (AMAZING) and candied walnuts; duck confit with Brussels sprouts for the main course; and for dessert, a poached pair with honeycomb and a light mousse.  It was incredible.  And the wine made it even better!  We had a really varied selection:  rose, Prosecco, Riesling, and a Zin.  All wonderful.  And all supplied by Fond du Lac's very own Cujak's Wine Market, one of my FAVE places downtown!  :D

I'm a BIG fan of wine.  Wine is by far my favorite alcoholic drink, especially sparkling wine!  Bring on the bubbly!  I love collecting wine labels and have been doing so even before I was using them in my art work.  Here's a sample of some of my own wine labels, which are now about eight years old.  The "Cubista" is my favorite and I'm saving it for a special project.  I don't know what that project is, but I want to keep it for when I know it's the right time to use it.  :D

And I LOVE using wine labels in my work!  Because the artwork is so interesting (or on the old labels, like the ones above, so hilarious), it always adds a "pop" to a collage.  It's a fun subject, too!  :D

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